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    Lamp provides utilities to build state of the art machine learning applications

    Lamp provides utilities to build state of the art machine learning applications


    Notable types and packages:

    • lamp.STen is a memory managed wrapper around aten.ATen, an off the heap, native n-dimensionl array backed by libtorch.
    • lamp.autograd implements reverse mode automatic differentiation.
    • lamp.nn contains neural network building blocks, see e.g. lamp.nn.Linear.
    • implements a training loop and other data related abstractions.
    • lamp.knn implements k-nearest neighbor search on the CPU and GPU
    • lamp.umap.Umap implements the UMAP dimension reduction algorithm
    • lamp.onnx implements serialization of computation graphs into ONNX format
    • contains CSV and NPY readers
    How to get data into lamp

    Use one of the file readers in or one of the factories in lamp.STen$.

    How to define a custom neural network layer

    See the documentation on lamp.nn.GenericModule

    How to compose neural network layers

    See the documentation on lamp.nn

    How to train models

    See the training loops in

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  1. def readTableFromFile(file: File, device: Device = lamp.CPU, pin: Boolean = false)(implicit scope: Scope): Table
  2. def writeTableToFile(table: Table, file: File, bufferSize: Int = 16384): IO[Either[String, Unit]]

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